More About Renxuan

  • I have lived significant parts of my life in each of the three different continents (Asia, Europe and Americas). This experience has taught me to never follow the conventional path and to always challenge the status quo.

  • Besides research into financial markets in the U.S., I am also interested in the transition to clean energy in Europe and the development of Chinese financial markets. I plan to use my own knowledge and experience to contribute to these positive developments. If you are passionate about these topics, I would be happy to get in touch and learn from you.

As an example of research into energy transition, Berend Coster and I developed research-based solutions to help power plants and industrial consumers smooth their production risks. Our research shows that the transition to renewable energy has large costs, mainly because of the unpredictable nature of wind and solar (Daily electricity prices can reach an average volatility of more than 200% in some parts of Europe).

Our research shows that through our innovative solution, power plants and bulk industrial consumers can benefit greatly. The figure shows savings on a hypothetical 100MW capacity, using minute-by-minute Dutch power prices in both physical and financial markets, for different modeling parameters.